The Transit Matters Podcast is your biweekly audio source for transportation news, analysis, interviews with transit advocates and more. This is a space to go beyond the headlines and focus in depth on issues affecting how we move about the city (or stay in one place, say, waiting for the bus). By offering new perspectives, uniting transit advocates and promoting a level of critical analysis normally absent from other media, we can achieve a useful and effective transportation network.

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About the Host

Jeremy Mendelson is a geographer and transit planner with a background in urban transportation planning and policy. He has designed bus and rail networks for transit agencies, toured dozens of cities and towns to study their transportation networks, and written extensively about transit planning, street design, bicycle safety, social and environmental justice and equity.

Jeremy's work focuses on enhancing the effectiveness of our transit network, increasing capacity and striving for unlimited mobility throughout the region. After several years north of the river, he recently moved back to Boston and now lives in Jamaica Plain. You might find him exploring the neighborhoods, hanging out at Dudley Station, or sitting on the bus in a traffic jam complaining about the lack of transit priority in a city who residents overwhelmingly use buses.

Jeremy hosts the Transit Matters Podcast and tweets at @CriticalTransit.